What Makeup to Wear for Summer

What Makeup to Wear for Summer
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The battle against chapped and dry skin from blustery weather may be over, but the unique skin challenges that summer brings is just beginning. Summer makeup has to have duel purposes. It must protect, last through sweating jags and still look light and fresh. There are certain products on the market that can do all three without costing too much. You may be surprised at how simple looking good and taking care of your skin during the summer can be.


Avoid heavy layers of makeup. This makes you look overdone, and the layers will most likely melt off in the sun. Heavy layers can also make you sweat more, which is never a good makeup look.


Loose or compressed, toned skin powder can be a lifesaver during the summer. It can be used instead of foundation to even out skin tone, but a light dusting still looks light and fresh. It also absorbs extra oil sweat and oil throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about shine. A dusting of powder on the lashes before applying mascara can keep them smudge-proof even on the sweatiest days.


It is easy to protect your skin from the sun and keep it beautiful. To protect and even out the skin tone, opt for tinted facial lotion with SPF. Also, don’t forget about protecting the tender skin on your lips. Look for glosses that include SPF protection. Any makeup that you choose should have an SPF rating of 15 or higher. On labels, look for active ingredients such as avobenzone (Parsol 1789), zinc oxide or ecamsule (Mexoryl) combined with avobenzone and octocrylene according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.


Choose lighter colors and metallics in the summer for a healthy glow. Darker colors make you look overdone. Remember, summer is about looking fresh. Peachy pinks look good on those with yellow skin tones. Bubblegum pinks look good on those with a blue undertone to the skin or very dark complexions.


Bronzer is a great product to give you the look of being sun-kissed without the risk of skin cancer. It is important to remember, though, that bronzer is not meant to cover the entire face. This can make your skin look dirty. Instead, sweep the bronzer on the areas of your face that would naturally be touched by the sun. Your hairline, the bridge of your nose and the cheekbones are the best places to sweep bronzer.

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