Mucinex®, Delsym® and Cepacol® available online and in-store at CVS/pharmacy.
Solutions for your Cold, Cough and Sore Throat Symptoms
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Delsym®'s cough liquid's time-release formula helps silence cough for up to 12 hours – twice as long as other cough liquids.* No wonder it's #1 dr. recommended.**
*Among nationally branded OTC liquids per dose.
**Delsym is the #1 recommended Over-The-Counter single active ingredient cough suppressant among Internists, General Practitioners and Family Practitioners. IMS Health, NDTI, for the 52 weeks ending in 3/31/12.
Mucinex® Fast-Max® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief. Fast-Max® combines the mucus busting power of Mucinex® with maximum strength medicines* to help relieve your worst cold symptoms so that you feel better and move on! Available in convenient liquid or caplets form.
*Per 4 hour dose.
Cepacol® is the #1 lozenge brand*and has a variety of lozenges to soothe your sore throat. Let Cepacol® take care of you so you can take care of everything else.
*According to IRI Symphony unit share data for the 52 weeks ended July 15, 2012.

Use as directed.
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